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October 10, 2012
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The Most Beautiful Thing

Ding Dong!

"[Name]!! Go get the door!!" You sighed and stood up, opening the door. In front of you stood a young man about your age with honey-brown hair with a curl petruding from it, honey-brown eyes and the most contagious smile.

Instantly, you felt yourself smile, "Hello~,"

The Italian closed his eyes, still smiling, "Ciao bella~ My name is Feliciano! I am here for Madame [insert Name]. I was commissioned to paint a canvas for her~"

You nodded and moved to the side, letting him in.

"Madame will be here shortly,"

He nodded and you left to call Madame, unaware of the open honey-brown eyes watching you.

As soon as you were out of his sight, Feliciano smiled softly, 'She's a very pretty girl. Ve~'

Feliciano was caught up in his day dream, but quickly snapped put of it when a lady appeared.

Now, Feliciano meant no offence toward to woman, but she was down right ugly. Make-up were caked on her face as if it was another layer of skin, she wore dresses that were three sizes too small and she acted very snobby.

The Italian winced as she stopped one of the servants, made him lie down on the floor and use him as a door mat.

Feliciano furrowed his eyebrows even more as she strutted towards him, winking causing him to feel a shiver run up his spine.

"Ciao. I am Madame [insert Name]. You are Feliciano? Si, of course you are. Why else would you be here? Anyways, I want you to paint the most beautiful thing so I can place it on my room,"

Feliciano nodded and quickly started setting up his canvas and supplies.

"Of course. I will get started on it quickly," the Madame nodded, content and left.

So, Feliciano quickly painted, his paint brush make smooth, fluid movements across the paper.



"OH MY!! What is this monstrosity!?"

You quickly peeked out from the kitchen to see Madame angry at the painting on the canvas. This caused you to raise an eyebrow.

From your angle, Feliciano was holding up the canvas, a sheepish grin on his face and Madame was in front of him, yelling insults. You were quite interested at what the canvas held, for even though Madame was always angry, she was never this angry.

Your friend, [Friend], pushed you forward tilting her head towards the Italian and you bravely walked forward.


The woman turned around and scoffed once your face was in view, "you painted her?!? When I'm more elegant!? How dare you insult the [Madame's last name] family!!?"

You stared at her weirdly before turning to face the canvas, only to gasp. It was a portrait of you, the sun cascading down you hair softly, a peaceful expression grazing your face.

The painting was marvelous and it was no doubt the Italian had talent in painting.

You were too busy admiring the painting to notice Madame creeping behind you. She suddenly shoved you down and you yelped feeling the cold marble floor make contact with your face.

A groan made its way from your lips and Feliciano quickly dropped the painting to help you up.

You nodded a thank you at him and he smiled, causing you to blush ever so slightly.

The moment was interrupted by Madame who pushed the both of you out the door, "Out!! Out!! I don't need servants and painters like you!! I'll just hire that da Vinci man!"

And with that, the door slammed behind the both of you making you glance at each other and laugh.

After the laughter subsided, you gazed at the ground worriedly. How were you going to find food now? Work was very hard to find in [City Province during the Renaissance other than Milan], you doubted that you'll be able to find a job as good as before.

The brunette noticed your gaze and he reached over and squeezed your hand comfortingly, "bella~ You need not worry about a job! My fratello is a duke in Milan! I'm sure he'll be able to find a job for you!"

You gasped and hugged him, thanking him over and over. Not only did you get a job, you can also live in Milan, one of the most wealthy and powerful cities.

He just chuckled and hugged you back.

And that was how you ended up working for Feliciano's grumpy fratello, Lovino. Although Lovino had his moments, he was quite kind and charming to the ladies. The only time when he is really mad is when another boy, a Spaniard by the looks of it, visited. Other than that, you lived the rest of your life married to Feliciano Vargas.
Yay~ Finally posted a new one-shot! I was sure most of you were rethinking watching me ^^; sorry for that~ But anyways, we were learning about the Renaissance and stuff then we had to make a brochure on a city-state and I was assigned Milan. I want to go there sometime~ :)

But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed it! I've been back to searching tolerable Naruto fanfics to read :D Yup, I thought I finally got over that, but then I realized that Naruto's probably the only anime I've watched that had violence on it.. Wow.. Well, whatever. Just ignore this rant. I just wanted to post a one-shot before I leave for a family trip~ I want to enjoy the trip and I might take some pictures on my iPod since I'm not allowed to bring my camera. Now bye~!

Italy, Romano, Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Apparently Romano's household
Story (c) Me~
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:iconregrettingnothingplz: i regret nothing!!!!!!!
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I love art so much right now, I wish I could have seen the Renaissance though.
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