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A New Companion

As your Salamence neared the house, your excitement and nervousness grew. You've been planning this for ages, but was never really sure just how you're going to pull it off.

So much thinking made your head hurt and after a while, you just gave up. The plan is now a script you will loosely base your actions on. At least, that's what you decided.

A few more minutes before touchdown, and your anxiousness grew.

'You weren't even sure if he would be willing to, so why? Why bother?' A part of your mind kept asking questions, furthering the doubt and also growing your desire to turn around and head back to Mauville.

'But what if he wants to?' Another part of your mind would ask. 'You'd be letting him down if you leave right now.'

"Ah... I just hope he'll like it," You muse out loud, your Salamence finally landing a few ways from the house.

"If he doesn't, then that's fine. I'll just.. I'll just tell him that the offer will still stand afterwards. He can later if he wants." You continue as your Salamence returned back to his pokeball.

Turning around, you come face to face with Wally's cousin. She gives you a small smile and reaches into her basket as she greets you.

"Hello, [Name]. Here to visit Wally again?" She asks.

You give a nod in reply, "Uh.. Yes. If that's alright, that is."

"Of course its alright." She pulls out a chain of [f/c] and [2nd/f/c] flowers, ties the ends together and places it on your head. When she pulls backs, she laughs at your confused look, "My boyfriend and I have been spending the day here to pick flowers. Well, actually, I've been the one thats picking flowers while he just takes a nap."

She gestured over to the body on the ground that you haven't noticed before, "I decided to lace them into chains and make them into flower crowns while I waited for him to wake up."

You nod and fix the crown of flowers on your head until it was comfortable. It'd be rude to deny such a pretty gift, after all.

Her lips turned upwards as she notices the small smile pasted on your face and hands you a green and blue crown, "Will you give these to Wally? I don't think I'll be back till later. Haha!"

You accept the crown and cradled it gently in your arms as you waved good bye then headed over to Wally's house.

Coming to a stop, you raised your fist over to knock, just as the door bursted open. Shocked [e/c] met excited ice blue ones. He gently grabbed your wrist and dragged you over to his room, calling to his parents that it was just you and that they shouldn't worry.

He lets go once the two of you are in your room and smiles, "[Name]! You're here to visit me!" His mouth opens again to continue, but his voice is trapped in his throat as he notices the crown of flowers placed on your head.

'A beautiful crown fit for a beautiful queen. Wouldn't you agree?.' The Gardevoir sitting on his bed asked.

"I-i... [Name], what's with the crown?" He gestures to his own head when he notices your look of confusion.

"Oh! This, uh, your cousin made it for me. And," You quickly placed the crown you were holding on his head, "She made one for you too so we match now!"

'And a handsome king for the beautiful queen.' his pokemon adds, causing Wally to shoot her an annoyed look, but a red blush was pasted across his cheeks.

You shoot him a smile, before it slowly fades away as you realize the reason of today's visit. A small cough from him makes your doubt grow.

"Uh, Wally?" He looks up at your words, and you continue, "You like pokemon right?"

He gives you a nod and you close your eyes as the next words were uttered from your lips, "And well, I was just wondering if you'd like to travel with me and be my companion."

The silence was all the answer you need, "It's fine if you don't! I was just, I was just.. Asking that's all. The offer is still available so if you ever change your mind that's fine." You add quietly.

You shouldn't have had such high expectations. He was sick, after all. And besides, if he was willing to go, you doubted his parents would approve. Just what do you know about treating him, anyway? A pokemon could do better than you!

Slowly, you turn to leave, your eyes finally opening, but you let out a big gasp as the boy's face was right in front of you. You skid to a stop, frozen and caught off-guarded as his hand comes up to wipe something from your cheek.

Your tears, you realize, as your own hand comes up to touch your cheek. You didn't even realize you were crying.

The Gardevoir on the bed is giving you a worried look that matches her trainer's. The said boy in front of you is leaning closer and closer. Until his lips met your cheek. He pulls away, smiling,

"I'd love to go. I just have to talk to my parents," his other hand comes up and assists the one before on wiping your cheeks dry, "Please don't cry."

You nod and he smiles in reply as he heads out, "I'll be back."

The time seemed to pass by slowly as your leg kept jumping up and down in nervousness. The Gardevoir stands up and assists you to the bed then sits next to you, an arm massaging your back in a comforting manner.

She sends you a smile when you glance towards her then points to your pokenav. You send her a confused look then checked the gear.

Oh. Brendan was calling. You answer it and all you hear is static before his voice comes on, "[Name]?

"Brendan? Something wrong?"

"No... Well, not really. My dad just has to talk to you... By the way, just where are you?"

"I'm at a, uh, friend's house right now. Don't worry we'll, well hopefully that is, be there by tomorrow. My Salamence just has to rest since I used him to fly here."

"Oh ok. Wait, what do you mean by we?"

"It's a secret. I'll see you Brendan." You smile when you see Wally walk in. He grabs a backpack and starts stuffing clothes in it, giving you the idea that his parents agreed.

"Ok. Bye [Name]!" You switched off the Pokenav and tucked it in your bag then stood up and started helping Wally gather his things.

Meanwhile, he told you what had happened with the talk with his parents, who was on pokenav, his uncle and his aunt. It turns out, his parents did agree, but he has to call them on Pokenav at least 4 times a week just to tell them he's alright. They also had to visit once a month which you agreed was fair.

We leave tomorrow, you tell him. Wally nods and asks if you'll be staying for the night or if you'll be using a room at the Pokemon Center.

"I'll be using a room at the center." You reply then turn to leave the room, "I'll see you tomorrow in front of the center around 8 am."



You're standing outside the Pokemon center the next morning, feeding you pokemon some berries you picked when the rush of footsteps made you look up.

"Wally!" You greeted as the boy skidded to a stop in front of you, panting heavily.

"H-hello. Sorry I was late. I had to promise to my parents that I'll be safe." He gave you a sheepish smile and straightened up, though he was still panting. You shook your head in reply and smiled,

"I would've waited for you." You called all your pokemon besides Salamence back to their pokeballs and climbed on, gesturing for him to copy you.

The boy does and as he lifts himself up, you notice that his clothes were different. Gone were the pajamas and in its place was a white hoodie and brown pants, his green backpack slung on his back, the flowercrown from yesterday placed on his head. When you point it out, he shrugs and spins the question around on you, asking why you wore yours. You gave no response and just stared straight ahead because, come to think of it, you think you wore it again today because of his initial reaction to it.

You just tell him to hold on and he does, but it seemed that he was a bit shy to actually hold onto your waist, his hands instead clutching onto the fabric of your shirt.

"Wally, hold on to my waist. You'll fall off like that." He shakes his head in response and mumbles something incoherent.

"Alright then. Just know, you can grab onto my waist, okay? I won't mind," you say then told your Salamence to take off.

Your Salamence took off. The force almost blew Wally off and on instinct, he quickly wrapped his arms around you, burying his face onto the back of your hair, causing his flower crown to tangle with yours and take off with the wind together. You quickly try to grab it, but its already too far out of your reach and all you could do was watch the tangled crowns fly off in the wind.

"And I've been careful with it too..." You say, but your words were lost in the wind.

When your Salamence finally levelled in the air, Wally loosened his grew mumbling an apology to your ear. You give a nod in response and gave a small smile despite the loss of the crown.

Finally you won't be alone anymore.
Woops. My hand slipped. 

I wrote this because I realized that there was only one other WallyxReader that I could find and I was, to be honest, a little astonished that there wasn't more. He's really a great character, though it is hard to write for him since you only encounter him around 3 or 4 times. That's not enough times to actually decipher his character, but I just ran along with what I think of him. 

He's motivated, he doesn't dwell much on his losses and he's a good sport. He's not like Silver who's all revenge and dark and stuff, not all like Green who's obnoxious and arrogant. And I can't say anything for Diamond since I've never played Diamond/Pearl I'm still working on Emerald right now, too.. so but that's definitely on my play list. I wanna buy Platinum or Diamond after I save up for a 3ds Yes, I still don't have a 3ds or Pokemon X/Y

I promise I'll get back on the gijinka ones. I've got a great plan for my next one, now I just gotta write it. It wasn't even the pokemon I was hoping to write next, either! :) I'm starting early on my New Years Resolution, haha! 

Pokemon © Satoshi Tajiri
Wally © Pokemon
Story © luckydog10heart
You © Yourself
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Hinata-Wolf77 Featured By Owner May 22, 2014   General Artist
I like the way u wrote this story and really good job.
luckydog10heart Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, thank you ^^
laptop101 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really like your idea of Wally :) I think your story is really good
luckydog10heart Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah, thank you ^^ I'm glad you liked it.
sneakykid21 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Pretty good:3
luckydog10heart Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
thank you ^^
sneakykid21 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
youre welcome ^^
AvalonMelody Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice story~ Wally is my favourite rival; never says he's better than you or things like that. XD Just accepts the loss and works to get stronger. :) 
And then you read this! 8D…
luckydog10heart Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh yes, I've read that this morning and I almost burst out crying! I was like 'Oh my god.. I'm so sorry Wally.. So sorry.. You'll win next time, I promise!'

But imagine if that actually happens to you, though? Wouldn't that be so creepy?

And yeah, he's probably my favorite rival so far too, for the same reasons as you posted. ^^
AvalonMelody Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe XD I want to let him win next time I battle him, but I can't continue my journey if I do. :'D

That would indeed. :I I'd feel less guilty and more creeped out if it occurred. :|

Ahh, rivals~ Some of them really annoy me. Like Gary.
luckydog10heart Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh geez. Gary was so obnoxious and his catchphrase, 'smell ya later'doesn't  really make sense. Is he implying that the trainer stinks? 

But well yes, that's true as well.. I'd probably just be paranoid the entire day if I ever witness that creepypasta happening.

I wonder what happens if you 'lose' to him though? Like what does he say? sorry about replying just now. My laptop died so i had to charge it back up during the night
AvalonMelody Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugggh. But yes, he's implying that the trainer stink, but probably not in the literal sense. More like; "You just suck. :P" but who knows, it's Gary. :I 

Haha, indeed XD

I'm not sure :I Nothing really; since the trainer "whited out" upon losing their last pokemon. If that's the true case though; probably "Omg she/he fainted! D8" That's okay xD
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